Alabama on Balance Beam: 49.100 Auburn on Floor: 48.850

Marissa Gutierrez – 9.700 – a few balance checks were costly (on the front aerial, a later leap series) – solid flight and dismount (hitch kick to gainer full twist, stuck).

Diandra Milliner – 9.825 – front aerial to beat jump – bhs to layout stepout – solid – front aerial kick over to beat jump – solid this week – full turn – switch split leap to straddle jump – nice – dismounts with a double twist, good landing.

Kimberly Jacob – 9.850 – switch split 1/2 – bhs to layout stepout – solid so far – beat jump to straddle 1/1 – nice – full turn – side aerial – looking good – dismounts with the double twist, hops back – really needed to stick that landing to seal a higher score there.

Kayla Hoffman – 9.825 – full turn w/leg horizontal – holds it a bit before going into the switch split to side straddle combination – front aerial – bhs to back pike – one foot check – beat jump to gainer back layout step-out (another quick check) – hitch kick to gainer full twist – stuck.   Much more confident and focused this week with her routine – and determined!

Sarah DeMeo – 9.850 – mounts with the front handspring onto the beam (check) – double stag not connected – balance check on the third element of her flight series but she stays on – nice front aerial – dismounts this week with a round off to double back – hop on landing.  Solid routine for the freshman.

Geralen Stack-Eaton -9.750 – noticeable balance check on the second element of her flight series (layout stepout – stepped back and turned to face side of beam before recovering) – front aerial to bhs – solid – Onodi was landed right on top of her toes – super control – dismounts with a 1 1/2 twist – nice recovery.

Exhibition: 9.125 – Hannah Toussaint – major wobble on the flight series, second element – executes the split scale – another check on the front aerial to beat jump combination – full turn with leg horizontal – falls on the Onodi – first time this year – dismounts with a gainer back pike.  Coach will keep working this routine – she’s been very solid in previous meets and needs to keep building up her confidence.


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