2014 NCAA Regionals Play-by-Play

Final Standings 2014 Seattle Regional

1 Alabama 197.550 (advances to NCAA Championships)

2 Nebraska 196.975 (advances to NCAA Championships)

3 Denver 195.625

4 Washington 195.550

5 Boise State 195.275

6 Brigham Young 195.275

Alabama and Nebraska advance to the 2014 NCAA National Championship in Birmingham

We are waiting for the individual event awards here and the teams are now being escorted onto the floor.

Vault –  Lauren Beers (Alabama) and Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) tie for first.

Bars – Emily Wong (Nebraska)

Balance Beam – Kim Jacob and Aja Sims (Alabama)

Floor Exercise – Diandra Milliner (Alabama) and Emily Wong (Nebraska) and Ciera Perkins (Boise State)

All Around

1st Emily Wong – Nebraska

2nd Kim Jacob – Alabama

3rd Sarah DeMeo – Alabama and Jessie DeZiel – Nebraska

5th Katie Bailey – Alabama


Rotation #6: Alabama – Vault: 49.600 – 197.550 (1st) Nebraska: 196.975 (2nd)

Kaitlyn Clark – super distance and amplitude on the Y 1/1  – 9.925

Katie Bailey – beautiful position in the air on the Arabian 1/2 – shift of her left foot to control the landing.  Solid distance as well. 9.900

Sarah DeMeo – beautiful vault but big hop back on landing – great distance and maintained her form/stretch throughout.  9.850

Kim Jacob – Y 1.5 – nails it once again – leg separation as she rounds off onto the vault table  – 9.925

Lauren Beers – Y 1/1 – stuck the devil out of that vault – amazing distance from the vault table! Bryan Raschilla almost goes nuts! 9.950

Diandra Milliner – Y 1.5 – right foot check back on the landing. 9.90

Nebraska struggles a bit on the balance beam, including one fall but pulls out their final routines with a 9.825 and a 9.875. They finish second to the Crimson Tide and will advance to NCAAs in two weeks.

Rotation #5: Alabama – Floor Exercise: 49.325 (147.950) Nebraska: 147.900

The Crimson Tide returns in this rotation and has a chance to really impress the judges with high, tight E tumbling passes but must stay in bounds.

Lora Frost – double layout to open – front 1/1 to a front layout – double pike to close – dances out of it after a solid landing. 9.85 (one judge scored it a 9.90)

Katie Bailey – double front Arabian to open – right into the corner – front punch layout to 1/1 – closes with a Rudi – controlled step back.  9.825

Sarah DeMeo – excellent routine – double front Arabian to open – 2.5 twist to close. 9.875

Lauren Beers – double layout to open – double tuck to close – lunge step back on landing but stays well in bounds. 9.875

Kim Jacob – opens with a pike full in – huge in the air – double pike for her second pass – excellent controlled landing – closes with a 1.5 twist to a barani out.  Stays right on the music through to the ending (as if she intended that move all along!). 9.775 – heavily deducted for the barani out of the 1.5 twist when she was intending to throw the front 1/1 out of it, which would have given her full bonus credit.

Diandra Milliner – double front Arabian to open – front-front to front 1/1 – closes with a double pike – solid!  9.900

Denver finishes with a 195.625

BYU  finishes at 194.650



Rotation #4 – Alabama and Nebraska are on byes

Washington is on vault. 146.550 team score

Denver is on bars – strong routines from McGee and Martin as well as Linero.  147.125 team score.

Boise State is on beam – two falls from Morris and Graham in the last two positions, so they will fall back in the standings.  146.400 team score after 3.

BYU is on floor.  145.825 after 3 rotations.

After two rotations for each team…

1st Alabama 98.625

2nd Nebraska 98.600

3rd Boise State 98.375

4th Denver 97.925

5th Washington 97.675

6th BYU 97.125

Rotation #3: Alabama – Balance Beam: 49.325 (98.625) Nebraska – Vault: 49.475 (98.600)

Alabama leads Nebraska after their first event but now must kick it in gear to push those team scores higher!

Diandra Milliner – quick step on the double twist dismount – rest of routine was rock solid as the senior usually delivers.  9.825

Sarah DeMeo – front handspring to double stag leap – front aerial – bhs to back pike – awesome – full turn – works down on the beam – switch split leap to split jump combination – right on tonight – double pike dismount remaining – barely moves on the landing – happy girl!  9.850 – LOL!

Katie Bailey – full turn with leg horizontal – bhs to loso – hitch kick to side somi – switch split leap to tuck full jump – one step on the dismount of the double twist. 9.850.

Aja Sims – solid routine from the freshman – sticks the double tuck dismount. 9.900

Kaitlyn Clark – bhs to loso – beat jump to sheep jump combination – falls on the front aerial kickover – sticks the 1.5 twist dismount.

Kim Jacob – must be brave – switch split leap to straddle full – bhs to lo to lo – rock solid – barani – super! Dismounts with the 1.5 twist – left foot slide back a bit. Great leadership from the senior!

Nebraska hits a strong vault set – 49.475

Boise State looking good on uneven bars – 49.300

Washington on floor 48.800

Alabama – Uneven Bars – Rotation #2 – 49.300

Katie Bailey – nice handstands, Jaeger release – tiny stutter hop on landing of the double tuck out of the full turn on top of the bar, trying extra hard to stick it.  9.825

Sarah DeMeo – great routine from the senior – Jaeger release – nice handstands – sticks the double layout with nice distance from the high bar. 9.850

Aja Monet Sims – nice Weiler kip – small hop back on landing of the double layout – nice toe shoot from low to high bar – ankles came apart on giants in at least two spots. 9.850

Kim Jacob – huge Ray release and she sticks the double layout with extra oomph! You could hear it all the way up here. 9.900

Amanda Jetter – another big-time Ray release – very nice handstands – hop in place of the double front dismount. 9.875

Kaitlyn Clark – shaposh – has trouble on the transition move from high to low bar – has to bend her knees (deduction for form and technique of at least 3-4 tenths) and finishes the rest of the routine without a hitch – including a stuck double layout dismount. She was struggling earlier in the 3 minute touch and Bryan moved into position from start of routine to spot her.  9.575

Nebraska finishes on floor with Emily Wong’s dynamic routine for a 9.900.  Hollie Blanske scored a 9.825 right before her.  49.100 team score.


Fashion Flash #2!

Alabama is wearing the 2011 NCAA Super Six Championship leo – shiny red with contrasting crimson netting on the upper bodice and sleeves, crystal A insignia on the front and middle of the upper back.  Lots of beading and sequins.

Nebraska is wearing almost an orange-red and white leo with crystal beading and sequins as well.

Fashion Flash! Rotation #1

VaultBoise State – wearing marine blue, white and black.  49.05 team total

Uneven Bars – BYU – wearing shiny cobalt blue with contrasting white and blue netting on the upper bodice and arms.  48.900 team total.

Balance Beam – Washington – black with contrasting purple and gold stripes.  Solid beam rotation for the Huskies – McCartin earns a 9.725 in the anchor position. 48.950 team total.

Floor Exercise – Denver – ruby red leo with black netting on the right arm and bodice inset (front and back). Nice routine from Moriah Martin – opened with a double front Arabian and closed with a double tuck for a 9.775. Nina McGee finishes the rotation strong for the Pioneers – double layout to open and a double pike to close – sassy music and dance throughout for a 9.875. Team is at 48.925.