2014 Georgia Play-by-Play

Alabama will be at Auburn next week for Valentine’s Day

Bama gets a great win here tonight that will give them confidence going into the Auburn meet but they will have to keep practicing strong to clean up some of the issues tonight on beam because the scores will be tighter on the road and the Tigers are hungry for their first victory in over 30 years over the Crimson Tide.

We need as many Alabama Crimson Tide fans as possible to travel with us to the Plains to battle with Aubie.  See you next week Bama Nation!

Post Meet Interviews

Lauren Beers is one happy gymnast – excellent floor performance in the second position – really hit all of her passes with dynamic control.  Solid on vault as well.

Kudos to Sarah DeMeo – she had a great performance on floor last week at LSU and got the score she deserved tonight with a superb opening double front Arabian tumbling pass.

Kim Jacob delivered on the bars (9.90) and floor as well (9.95).

Diandra Milliner was the high scorer once again on the vault with a 9.925 and on floor, where she tied Kim for top honors with a 9.95.

The freshmen once again shined – they have handled the pressure of Coleman Coliseum with remarkable composure so far this season – Katie Bailey on vault with a 9.85, a 9.875 on bars and a 9.875 on the floor as well.  Amanda Jetter with a 9.80 on bars, a 9.75 on beam (in place this week for Katie) and a 9.875 on the floor.  Aja Sims – 9.85 on bars and 9.875 on the beam.  Dominique Pegg was going for the big vault score but had to bail on her twisting because of her hand placement on the table not being on the mark – her elite training has taught her how to rebound safely out when it is not “right” – looking for a bigger score from her next week.

Individual Awards


1 Diandra Milliner – Alabama

2 Brandie Jay – Georgia

3 Brittany Rogers – Georgia

Uneven Bars

1 Kaitlyn Clark – Alabama, Kiera Brown – Georgia

3 Brittany Rogers and Chelsea Davis – Georgia, Kim Jacob – Alabama

Balance Beam

1 Kaylan Earls – Georgia

2 Lindsey Cheek – Georgia

3 Kaitlyn Clark, Aja Monet Sims – Alabama, Mary Beth Box – Georgia

Floor Exercise

1 Kim Jacob and Diandra Milliner – Alabama

3 Sarah DeMeo and Lauren Beers – Alabama

All Around

1 Brittany Rogers – Georgia

2 Sarah DeMeo – Alabama

Alabama – Floor: 49.625 197.500 Georgia – Balance Beam: 48.900 196.825

Amanda Jetter – opens with a solid double tuck – switch split full to straddle 1/1 combination –  1.5 to 1/1 – no problem – finishes strong with a 1.5 to front layout – crowd loving it!  9.875

Lauren Beers – super double tuck to open – ring leap to switch 1/1 to cat leap 1/2 – front-front to front 1/1 – right in the corner – barrel leap – she will finish with a double pike – must be high and strong – perfect!   Crowd on their feet cheering –  9.925

Katie Bailey – opens with a double front Arabian – awesome control in the air and on landing – ring leap to split 1/1 combination – front punch layout to front 1/1 – right into the corner – sassy dance for the crowd – finishes with a front punch to Rudi – solid!  9.875

Sarah DeMeo – opens with a double front Arabian – solid!  Big smile for Bryan Raschilla in the corner – no problem with her second pass – the 1.5 to front layout – must be brave and strong for her final pass – breathe!  2.5 twist to close – beautiful!  9.925 – that’s the score she was looking for last week!

Kim Jacob – pike full in to open – double pike for her second pass – super – she closes with a 1.5 to 1/1 – excellent! Bringing it Bama! 9.950

Diandra Milliner – double front Arabian to open – quick step check back on landing – huge in the air – front-front to front 1/1 – right into that corner – finishes with a high double pike, excellent, controlled landing.  Sassy dance to finish up.  9.950

Exhibition: Lora Frost – double layout to open – solid, could use more amplitude – front punch layout to 1/1 – engaging dance – closes with a double tuck – chest down – step forward but she stands it up.  9.875

Georgia on Balance Beam

Mary Beth Box – tuck 1/1 – bhs to loso – big grin at the end – switch split leap to 3/4 straddle – full turn – front aerial to beat jump – dismounts with a round off to 1.5 – small hop back on landing.  9.875

Ashlyn Broussard – she falls on the bhs to loso flight series (second element) – switch split leap to straddle jump – full turn – another fall after she tried what looks like a side aerial – dismounts with a hitch kick to gainer full twist.  8.400

Brittany Rogers – hitch kick to split jump to 1/4 split jump – bhs to loso – solid – full turn – crowd cheers for her handstand in double stag position – holds it well – unique combination of a full twisting bhs to 1/1 twist dismount – 9.850

Sarah Persinger – hitch kick to full turn leg extended to reverse turn – just a little check on the third element – front aerial – beat jump – bhs to loso – lifts her foot in a dance move to hold – switch split leap to 1/4 straddle turn jump – front kickover and falls on this difficult element – round of to 1.5 twist dismount, solid landing.  9.300

Lindsey Cheek – solid routine from the senior – side aerial – moonwalk – switch split leap to straddle 1/4 jump – hitch kick to gainer full dismount. 9.925

Kaylan Earls – bhs to loso to loso – solid – side somi looks good – winks at the judge before her dismount – double tuck – small step on the landing.  9.950

Alabama – Balance Beam: 49.225 (147.875) Georgia – Floor Excercise: 49.225 (147.925)

Diandra Milliner – front aerial to beat jump – switch split leap to straddle jump – solid – bhs to loso – awesome – full turn – front kickover – dismounts with a round off to double twist – one left foot step forward on landing. 9.850

Sarah DeMeo – front handspring to double stag leap – front aerial to beat jump – bhs to back pike – lands it bent at the waist – one leg lifted to hold on – switch split leap to split jump – dismounts with a double pike – one step back.  Her major deduction will come with the bend at the waist on her flight series.  9.800 – too high.

Amanda Jetter – switch split side straddle – bhs to loso – solid – front punch – low in amplitude – no leap out of it –  full turn – switch split to straddle 1/4 jump – 1.5 twist dismount – small hop forward on landing. 9.750

Aja Monet Sims – front aerial to split jump – very elegant – bhs to loso – right on – switch split leap to straddle jump – switch split 1/4 leap – full turn – dismounts with a round off to double tuck – one step forward, bent at the knee as well.  Great routine until that point.  9.875

Kaitlyn Clark – switch split leap to split jump – bhs to loso – balance check on the landing, one foot lifted slightly – front kickover – front aerial to beat jump – may not get full connection credit – dismounts with a round off to 1.5 twist – nails the landing but off center relative to the beam. 9.875

Kim Jacob – switch split leap to straddle 1/1 – bhs to loso to loso – solid – big smile – barani – bent at the waist and has to grab back of her thighs to stay on, so this will be a major deduction – dismounts with a 1.5 twist – stuck.  What a shame, she was heading to a 9.90 plus score.  9.825 – that score is way too high considering the balance check on the barani was significant.

Exhibition: Lauren Beers – side somi – bhs to loso – switch leap but has to stop and then proceeds with a straddle to sheep jump to beat jump – split scale – switch split leap to gainer back pike – nice routine overall.

Georgia on Floor Exercise

Kaylan Earls – Rudi to loso to open – double pike for her second tumbling pass – solid, clean in the air – double tuck for her final pass – just a little slide back on her left foot.  9.850

Cat Hires  – sultry dancing to begin – James Bond –  front through to round off to double pike to open – chest down just a bit, step forward to control the landing – switch straddle to straddle full – front full twist to front layout – dances forward into the corner – double pike to close – has to step back after buckling her landing a bit – 9.800

Morgan Reynolds – sassy dancing – Rudi to loso – double pike for her second pass – excellent – switch side straddle to straddle 1/1 – closes with a 1.5 twist to front layout – very confident for a freshman on this event! 9.875

Mary Beth Box – double pike to open – very solid – excellent amplitude as well – double tuck for her second pass – nice form and control in the air – front 1/1 to front layout to close.  9.875

Brittany Rogers – 2.5 twist to open – hop forward on the landing – 1.5 to front 1/1 – sticks the landing – double pike to close (mat) – solid routine. 9.825

Brandie Jay – trouble on the opening pass – tuck full in? lands it bent at the knees but just avoids touching down – bails on the connecting pass leading into a layout – double pike to close – no problem with that final element.  9.800


Alabama – Uneven Bars: 49.350 (98.650) Georgia – Vault: 49.300 (98.700)

Sarah DeMeo – a little tentative on the handstands – nice straddle Jaeger – sticks the double layout chest high. 9.825

Katie Bailey – strong routine – straddle Jaeger – toe shoot from low to high bar – slight foot shift on the landing of her double tuck out of a full turn. 9.850

Aja Monet Sims – step back on the double layout – limited distance from the high bar – Weiler kip looked fine but her ankles are splitting during transition moves. 9.850

Kim Jacob – strong routine this week – sticks the double layout dismount – one foot split apart on landing. 9.900

Amanda Jetter – difficulty on the dismount of the double front – has to bunny hop back – bent at waist as well in effort to hold it. 9.800

Kaitlyn Clark – excellent routine – shaposh to bail to handstand on low bar – toe shoot from low to high bar – full twisting layout, one small step to check her landing. 9.925

Exhibition: Keely McNeer – completes her routine this week without any major problems – Ray release – stalder shoot from low to high bar – double layout dismount – one step back on landing – 9.800

Georgia on Vault

Chelsea Davis – Y 1/1 – great opening vault for the Bulldogs – stuck! 9.825 – limited distance from the vault table?

Ashlyn Broussard – Y 1/1 – great distance – slightest movement back on landing.  9.850

Cat Hires – Y 1/1 – 9.850 – hop back on landing

Brandie Jay – Y 1.5 – jams the landing a bit – limited distance from the table – 9.90

Lindsey Cheek – Y 1/1 – chest down – step to side as well. 9.800

Brittany Rogers – Y 1.5 – couple of small check steps on landing – big in the air – 9.875

Alabama – Vault: 49.300 Georgia – Uneven Bars: 49.400

Kaitlyn Clark – Y 1/1 – big vault, good distance but hop back on landing – a little leg separation as well.  9.850

Sarah DeMeo – Y 1/1 – great form in the air – excellent distance, amplitude – right leg back on landing. 9.850

Katie Bailey – Arabian 1/2 – jams the landing a bit – left leg shifts on impact.  Pretty in the air and good distance from the table. 9.850

Dominique Pegg – Y 1/1 – had to tuck out of the Y 1/1 – missed her proper hand placement on the table – slid – so she did the right thing to not risk that landing. 9.075

Lauren Beers – Y 1/1 – much better effort this week – nice distance, excellent form in the air and landing had one small step. 9.825

Diandra Milliner –  Y 1.5  9.925

Exhibit: Carley Sims – Y 1/1  her best vault of the year – small shift of her right foot – well centered – good form and distance from the table.


Georgia on Uneven Bars

Brandie Jay – solid routine – shaposh – Khorkina – tuck full in dismount – hop forward on landing. 9.825

Cat Hires – pike Jaeger – bail to handstand on the low bar – nice handstand – double layout – small step back on landing. 9.825

Kiera Brown – Tkatchev – tuck full in dismount – stuck the landing pretty well from where we are sitting!  9.925

Lindsey Cheek – huge Tkatchev – one small step on the double layout dismount. 9.850

Brittany Rogers – super routine – Ray release – tuck full in dismount – stuck the landing – legs apart but chest high execution. 9.900

Chelsea Davis – overarched on the first handstand – Tkatchev – double layout dismount – holds the landing well but bent forward at the waist. 9.900

Fashion Report

Alabama is wearing their 2012 NCAA Championship Super Six leo – crimson with almost a purplish/gray fabric with sheer netting on the upper bodice and back areas with the crystal A logo highlighted with silver sequins on the front and back.

Georgia is in a similar sequin heavy leo – black with GEORGIA on the front bodice area.

Alabama’s Alumni are being introduced – over 60 returned to celebrate tonight!

DeeDee Foster, Kristen Sterner, Ragan Tomasek, Dana Filetti, Ashley Miles, just to name a few.

Keys to Victory

The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs are two storied, proud programs that have claimed 16 NCAA national championships between them since 1987.  Georgia is now coached by Danna Durante in her second year and she is following former head coach, Jay Clark, who headed the program for three years after the retirement of super coach Suzanne Yoculan.

Durante is quietly but confidently collecting her own brand of talented gymnasts to carry on the championship tradition at Georgia.  This current Bulldog team is building their skills as the season progresses and will not be show-boating here tonight with a lot of fancy E passes. But make no mistake – they will be tough to beat, as they have one of the strongest uneven bars line-ups and are impressive as well on vault and more than capable on balance beam and floor exercise.

So what will it take for Alabama to pull off the win against their historic and fiercest rival? Well, we will have to see more dynamic floor routines from all of the Tide gymnasts, not just the seniors.  And on the uneven bars, Alabama needs to return to that opening meet confidence level, where they were consistently hitting their big releases and nailing the dismounts.

On the balance beam, Alabama performed very well last week in front of the raucous LSU crowd and they will need to concentrate as well tonight to deliver on this make or break event.

But it’s the floor exercise where Alabama seems to be stuck in quicksand – the coaches are trying to find the best combination and it is apparent that the Tide will need to throw as much difficulty as possible to separate themselves from Georgia if they perform well on the first three events.  Last week we saw two of the best routines ever from seniors Sarah DeMeo and Kim Jacob but the judges were tight in their scoring and if these two, along with Diandra Milliner, can deliver the quality of routines that we are use to, then the results will speak for themselves.  It should be another great meet!