2014 LSU Play-by-Play

Alabama – 196.825 LSU – 197.650

Coach Patterson is happy to get a great road score and see the strong mental fortitude of the team on the balance beam while LSU’s fans were going wild over their team’s performance on the floor exercise.  Alabama finished on beam with a 49.275, led by Kim Jacob’s 9.925 in the anchor spot and senior Sarah DeMeo’s 9.875 (stuck the double pike dismount).  DeMeo also had a terrific performance on the floor, opening this week with a double front Arabian in tuck position – she sold her routine magnificently for a 9.875.  She also scored a 9.850 on floor and uneven bars.

Coach is hoping to see a sold out Coleman Coliseum next week as the Tide returns to compete against the Georgia Gymdawgs.  This will help the team push forward and build those scores up hopefully against a very talented Bulldog team.  Roll Tide and goodnight from Pete Maravich Arena.

Audio Replay

Alabama – Balance Beam: 49.275 (196.825) LSU – Floor Exericse: 49.550 (197.650)

Diandra Milliner – a little tentative but completes her elements without a major balance break – missed the beat jump out of her kickover – nice double twist dismount – small scoot on landing. 9.775

Sarah DeMeo – front handspring onto the beam – front aerial to beat jump – bhs to back pike – super – full turn works down low on the beam – switch split leap to split jump to wolf jump triple combination – dismounts with a stuck double pike.  WOW!!!  9.875

Katie Bailey – full turn with leg extended – bhs to loso – solid – hitch kick to side somi – front kickover to beat jump – a little disconnect – switch split leap to tuck 1/1 jump – dismounts with a double twist sticks the landing.  9.850

Aja Sims – front aerial to split jump – bhs to loso – switch split leap to 1/4 straddle – beautiful form and amplitude – running side split straddle side leap – full turn – dismounts with a round off to double tuck – hop back.  Excellent routine overall. 9.850

Kaitlyn Clark – leaning over on the second split jump out of a switch split leap – bhs to loso – super solid – front kickover to beat jump – nice combination – front aerial – bends forward at the waist and has to hold it with a another bend forward, so that will be a major deduction – full turn – dismounts with a round off to a stuck 1.5 twist. 9.700

Kim Jacob – switch split leap to straddle 1/1 – bhs to lo to lo – big smile at the end of this – barani – no problems in the meet – dismounts with a round off to 1.5 twist – just moves her left foot at the end after almost sticking it – legs split on dismount landing as well.  9.925

Exhibition: Amanda Jetter – switch split side jump – bhs to loso – punch front to bhs – full turn – switch split leap to straddle jump – 1.5 twist dismount – one step back on the landing.  Good concentration while the crowd was going wild for Lloi’s annual “10” against Alabama (per the announcer).  9.750

LSU Floor Exercise

Kaleigh Dickson – double pike to open – controlled slide back – huge smile – front to front 1/1 to front layout – tiger paws dance moves in the corner – loose Rudi to finish – not quite in the corner – 9.800

Jessie Jordan – beautiful double pike to open – front handspring to 1/1 to front layout – closes with a 1.5 to front 1/1 – excellent routine!  9.875

Ashleigh Gnat – pike full in to open – 2.5 to punch tuck – closes with a huge double pike – lunging step back but she stands it up with a huge smile.  9.850

Jessica Savona – round off to 1.5 to round off to double tuck – tuck full in as her second pass – switch split 1/2 to straddle 1/1 – closes with a double pike – nice routine!  9.900

Rheagan Courville – super expressive routine – excellent choreo, interpretation of music and first rate tumbling.  9.925  – only deduction likely on the opening double front Arabian – step forward on landing.  Mesmerizing routine.

Lloimincia Hall – Mesmerizing routine #2 – total opposite styles but still gets the job done!  10.00

Alabama – Floor Exercise: 49.125 LSU – Balance Beam: 49.125

Amanda Jetter – double tuck to open – one step back – switch split leap to split 1/1 – big smile for the LSU crowd – second pass of a 1.5 to 1/1 nice – not quite in the corner properly but stands it up without a problem – 1.5 to front layout –  straddle jump down onto the floor and finishes her final dance move. 9.800

Aja Sims – double pike to open – 1.5 to front layout – closes with a solid double tuck.  Sassy selling of this routine – huge smile throughout. 9.775 – we’ll review the video to see where the deductions came on this one.

Katie Bailey – opens with a double front Arabian – stumble step back but stays in bounds and stands it up – double jump in straight body position – punch front layout to 1/1 – front punch layout to Rudi – legs apart on landing, a little sluggish as well in the air.  Needs work. 9.800

Sarah DeMeo – double front Arabian in tuck position – super – wolf 1/1 – 1.5 to front layout – solid – switch split leap to split 1/1 – finishes with a 2.5 twist – rocks the landing with a huge smile – that’s what we’ve been looking for from our senior!  9.875

Diandra Milliner – double front Arabian – has to bail on her final 1/1 element for the second pass (first front layout looked okay but she stumbled forward out of it);  continues with the rest of her routine – finishes with a high double pike – that’s determination! 9.400

Kim Jacob – super opening pike full in – double pike for her second pass looks great – finishes with a 1.5 to 1/1 – no problem  – 9.875

Exhibition: Carley Sims – hits all of her passes but lands the final double pike bent at the knees a bit. 9.750

LSU Balance Beam

Lloi Hall –   1/4 straddle jump – a little balance check – bhs to loso – solid – full turn – switch split leap to straddle 1/4 jump – double tuck dismount – works to hold the landing – crowd roars like a Bengal Tiger!  9.875

Jessica Savona – bhs to loso – switch split leap to back tuck – just a little hesitation before the second element – hitch kick to 1/2 split jump – full turn but over rotates and has to check her balance – moon dance – double pike dismount – step back on landing.  9.825

Sydney Ewing – bhs to back tuck – side aerial – gainer back-lo-so to 1/4 straddle jump – 1.5 twist – bends forward to hold the landing – 9.850

Ashleigh Gnat – falls on switch 1/4 straddle jump – 9.150

Rheagan Courville – full turn leg extended and has to rotate 1/4 extra – two arms waved in the process – standing 1/2 tuck – big wobble with leg off the beam – bhs to loso – split leap to 1/4 jump – another balance check – front aerial – balance check and then the gainer back pike dismount is executed – 9.675

Jessie Jordan – 9.900 – excellent routine

Alabama – Vault: 49.300 (98.425) LSU – Uneven Bars: 49.400 (98.975)

Kaitlyn Clark – Y 1/1 – stuck vault.  That got the Crimson Tide team fired up!  9.925

Kim Jacob – Y 1/1 – split legs during twisting, limited amplitude as well – 9.775

Katie Bailey – Arabian 1/2 – nice vault – step on landing. 9.850

Sarah DeMeo – Y 1/1 – beautiful form in the air – hop back. 9.850

Lauren Beers – Y 1/1 – stuck cold – but she went in a little flat, could use more amplitude.  9.750 – she may have been crooked in the air relative to where she ended up landing.   We are far from the vault and cannot determine her landing relative to the table but she did look off center.

Diandra Milliner – Y 1.5 – 9.900 – big vault in the air but step forward on landing.

Exhibition: Carley Sims – Y 1/1 – one step back – waves arm to control landing. 9.800

 LSU Uneven Bars

Jessica Savona – excellent routine – shaposh – Tkatchev – stuck the dismount. 9.850

Kaleigh Dickson – completes her routine – happy gal – chest down on the double tuck dismount.  A few form problems – 9.825

Jessie Jordan – nice routine until the dismount – lands with bent knees and a small step forward to hold her landing. 9.800

Britney Ranzy – 9.850

Rheagan Courville – 9.925

Sarie Morrison – excellent routine – 9.950

Alabama – Uneven Bars: 49.125 LSU – Vault: 49.575

Sarah DeMeo – super routine – just missed perfect on the final handstand but nails the double layout.  9.850

Katie Bailey – tiny hop on her dismount – double tuck flyaway out of a full turn on top of the bar.  Straddle Jaeger release. 9.800

Kaitlyn Clark – completes her routine without a problem – sticks the double layout dismount cold. Shaposh from low to high bar –  9.900

Amanda Jetter – 9.80 – straddle Jaeger – hops on landing of the double front dismount.

Kim Jacob – impressive dismount of the double layout – amazing distance but lacked ideal amplitude – but misses two handstands, last one major.  Very nice Ray release.  9.775

Keely McNeer – inserted for Carley Sims and Aja Sims (trouble with equipment during extended warm-ups); huge Ray release but falls on the re-grasp – toe on toe off – bail to handstand on the low bar – stalder toe shoot from low to high bar – double layout with hop on landing – wow, cannot wait for this one to get fully developed, it will score very well down the road.  9.150

Exhibition: Carley Sims – trouble on a giant 1/2 and overarches but stays on – finishes with a double tuck flyaway.  Not sure what Sims’ issue is – she had a very solid start on the bars in the opening meet.  9.300

 LSU Vault

Kaleigh Dickson – Y 1/1 – small slide back on landing – otherwise a solid opening vault – 9.875

Jessie Jordan – Y 1/1 – small slide – limited amplitude (a little flat going in on the table) – bent a bit at the waist to hold the landing. 9.875

Britney Ranzy – Y 1/1 – sticks the landing – limited distance from the table however.  Slow twist in the air as well. 9.900

Ashley Gnat – Y 1.5 –  lunges forward on her right leg – big in the air. 9.875

Sarie Morrison – Y 1/1 – sticks the landing but is also bending forward at the waist on her landing – 9.950

Rheagan Courville – Y 1/1 – super distance on her vault – sticks the landing – slightly leaning forward as well to hold the stick. 9.975

Fashion Report!

Alabama is wearing the solid deep Ruby red leo with sequins on the neckline and a crimson script A in the middle (silver sequins as well).

LSU is wearing purple, black and swirling yellow leo – lots of winking silver sequins as well on the upper shoulders and arms.

Keys to Victory

The Alabama Crimson Tide Gymnastics Team had an exciting week prior to heading down to Baton Rouge, seeing snow for the first time this year and experiencing a few days of icy reality. But they have arrived safely and are ready to rumble against one of their fiercest SEC foes, the LSU Bengal Tigers, who continue to increase their talent and are inching upwards towards being a top 3 team in 2014.

Alabama had a successful meet last week in front of their home crowd in the annual Pink Meet, scoring a 197.125 against the #10 Arkansas Razorbacks, who finished with a respectable 196.100.  But this week, Alabama will be in front of a hostile crowd (as hostile as a gymnastics crowd is allowed to get) that smells blood already and it’s only January 31st! These Tiger fans are hungry for a victory over one of the perennial giants of gymnastics.  And they plan to throw as much difficulty tonight as necessary to ensure they reach their goal.

Now for Alabama to pull off the upset here in Pete Maravich Arena, they will need a little luck and will also need to perform with aggression and determination starting from their opening event on uneven bars.  Alabama has high scoring routines on the bars but must hit those handstands and release moves with extra amplitude and stick the dismounts.  Coach Patterson spoke earlier this week about needing to clean up the .25 and .50 deductions here and there in order to remain competitive against a talented team like LSU, and Alabama needs to start immediately with this mindset on their opening event.

Moving to the vault, Alabama has big amplitude that will score high but again must spot and stick their landings.  It’s that simple.

The Tide will rotate next to the floor exercise and we will need to see the kind of performance tonight that we enjoyed last year here in Baton Rouge, where Alabama literally took command of the meet and executed their routines as if it was Super Six Night.  Sarah DeMeo is due to hit all 3 tumbling passes in bounds and will likely debut the double front Arabian to garner the highest score possible.  Diandra Milliner’s routine should help increase the team output but both Di and Kim Jacob will need to lead with precise tumbling and dance leaps to get the judges on their side with the scores we saw last year from them.

Finishing on balance beam, we will need to see lead-off performer Diandra Milliner deliver like she did last week in the opening routine against Arkansas on this event.  This will provide the remaining gymnasts a boost of confidence to execute their routines with panache, including two freshmen – Aja Sims and Katie Bailey – who are starting to claim their positions for the post-season if they can survive the Bengal Tiger Den that would love nothing more than to see a fall or two to seal the home team’s victory.  Finishing up in the anchor spots, Kaitlyn Clark and Kim Jacob have an opportunity to silence the crowd with two of the best collegiate routines out there.

When it’s all said and done, Bama wants to feel good about their performance here tonight and hopefully earn a solid road score for the post-season RQS.  Here’s hoping both teams have an outstanding meet like last year and electrify the fans of both sides with some terrific gymnastics! Roll Tide!

Teams exit the arena to prepare for march in.

Both teams look relaxed and ready to go.

Kayla Williams is here with the team.

Bama is moving to the balance beam for their final 15 minute warm-up.

Diandra Milliner starts us off, followed by Sarah DeMeo, Katie Bailey, Aja Sims, Kaitlyn Clark and Kim Jacob, with Keely McNeer  and Lauren Beers in the exhibition positions.

Bama working on the .25-.50 tweaky deductions that could make or break a routine while LSU bombards us with their super loud floor music.  Gals relish this atmosphere.

Nice bhs to lo-lo by Kim Jacob – she struggled a bit with the barani (twice) but nailed it a second ago.  Jetter throwing a switch split side straddle jump – nice 1.5 dismount off the end of the beam.   Nice double turn from McNeer on beam but she has both ankles heavily taped and seems to be favoring these as she lands certain moves.

Welcome to Cajun Country Bama Nation!

We are in the Pete Maravich Arena on the campus of Louisiana State University where tonight the Bengal Tigers will take on our Crimson Tide gymnasts in a fierce SEC dual meet in front of what could be the largest crowd ever for the  host team.

Right now the team has completed their warm-ups on Uneven Bars and Vault and are going through their 15 minute reps on the floor exercise.

On floor we should see the same line-up from last week with the insertion of Diandra Milliner in the anchor spot.  Also warming up: Katie Bailey, Lauren Beers, Amanda Jetter, Aja Sims, Carley Sims, Kim Jacob, Sarah DeMeo and Lora Frost.

Warming up on the vault meanwhile for Bama in the back-up positions – Dominique Pegg, Keely McNeer and Ria Domier.

Nice double front Arabian just then from Katie Bailey – no mats tonight for the team.  Also, Sarah DeMeo just threw hers (tuck position) – nice landing.

Music order – Aja Sims, DeMeo, Beers, Bailey, Milliner, Jacob, with Carley Sims in the 7th spot.  Not sure if the coaches will stick with this order.

Nice pike full in from Kim Jacob – a little short on the double front Arabian from Milliner – Katie Bailey is throwing a front punch layout to Rudi – will try and turn this into a front double full soon, which will give her an opening and closing E pass.