2014 Arkansas Play-by-Play

Vinnie Sunseri – UA Football Player – Presented the Awards Tonight

Freshman Aja Sims is being interviewed – excited about her great performances here tonight – which included a 9.825 on uneven bars, a 9.775 on balance beam and a 9.875 on floor (electrifying presentation to the home crowd).

Freshman Dominique Pegg is up next – mom Cathi Parker was in town for the DCH breast cancer awareness walk-out – first time she competed since the 2012 Olympics – noted the crowd was amazing – happy to score a 9.800 for the team, her first competitive routine for the Tide.  Loves the support from all the fans here at Alabama – happy to have her mom join her tonight – working really hard to get back in full competition shape – working all 4 events and is excited about working her way into the all around eventually.

Bama scores a 197.125 at home and this will give them confidence as they prepare to go back on the road to Baton Rouge to compete against the Bengal Tigers.  Bama will have to be more dynamic on floor and balance beam to pull of the win and hit those big release moves and landings on the uneven bars.  Looking forward to it Bama Nation! See you next week from Red Stick!

Individual Awards


1. Kat Grable (Arkansas)

2. Sarah DeMeo (Alabama)

3. Diandra Milliner (Alabama)


1. Kim Jacob

2. Katie Bailey

3. Sarah DeMeo and Amanda Jetter

Balance Beam

1. Kim Jacob

2. Sarah DeMeo

3. Diandra Milliner (Alabama), Sydnie Dillard (Arkansas)


1. Kat Grable (Arkansas)

2. Kim Jacob

3. Lauren Beers (Alabama) and Aja Sims (Alabama)

All Around

1. Kat Grable (Arkansas)

2. Sarah DeMeo (Alabama)

3. Amanda Wellick (Arkansas)

Alabama – Floor Exercise: 49.225 (197.125) Arkansas – Balance Beam: 49.075 (196.100)

Sarah DeMeo – double pike – huge in the air – steps back and over the line – judge raises her arm accordingly.  Second pass of a 1.5 to front layout – finishes with a 2.5 – beautiful finish – looking to pull this routine all together for a huge score.  9.725

Amanda Jetter – opens with a double tuck – solid – 1.5 to 1/1 – nice – switch split leap – 1.5 to front layout – nice routine – no major deductions. 9.850

Aja Sims – great routine – hits all of her tumbling passes and sells the dance to perfection.  Sassy!  9.875

Lauren Beers – super high double tuck to open – front-front to 1.1 – a little curved to the left of the corner but stands it up – great double pike to close. Happy gal! 9.875

Katie Bailey – falls on the opening double front Arabian – stretched out too much – front punch layout to 1/1 – a little check on the landing – switch split jump to split 1/1 – front through to 2/1 – solid!  Excellent difficulty – such a shame on that opening pass. 9.200

Kim Jacob – solid pike full in to open – double pike for her second pass – no problem – crowd roars – closes with a 1.5 to 1/1 – perfect landing – awesome!!! 9.900 – LOL

Exhibition: Lora Leigh Frost – double pike to open – nice amplitude – front 1/1 to front layout – double tuck to close – chest down and forward, so that will be a major deduction.  9.675


Arkansas on Balance Beam

Shelby Salmon – bhs to loso – full turn – small balance check – front aerial to straddle jump – switch split leap to split jump – side aerial to tuck full twist off the end of the beam – small hop on landing.  9.750

Scarlett Williams – switch split leap to sheep jump – balance check on landing – front tuck to back tuck – another shoulder check – good difficulty – bhs to 1.5 twist – step on landing – happy gal!  9.725

Amanda Wellick – front aerial to straddle jump – bhs to loso – leg lifted but she stays on – full turn – side Somi – a little wobble – straddle to straddle 1/4 jump – another balance check – double twist – sticks the landing! 9.825

Sydnie Dillard – front aerial to bhs to loso – balance check on last element – hitch kick to side somi – switch split leap to wolf jump – side aerial to split jump – lots of difficulty – 1.5 dismount – sticks the landing.  9.875

Samantha Nelson – nice control with her elements and difficulty to boot!  Double twist dismount – small hop back.  9.775

Kat Grable – reverse full turn – bhs to loso – switch split leap to split jump – front kickover to wolf jump – beat jump to stag leap – dismounts with a double pike – hop back and to her left.  9.850

Alabama – Balance Beam: 49.300 (147.900) Arkansas – Floor: 49.050 (147.025)

Diandra Milliner – great routine from the senior – hits all of her elements, sticks the double twist dismount.  Aggressive routine from start to finish.  9.875

Sarah DeMeo – fantastic routine – that’s the one we’ve been looking for from the senior – all elements executed well – nice double pike dismount – small shuffle step on landing but chest high all the way!  9.900!

Katie Bailey – full turn with leg extended – bhs to loso – solid – hitch kick to side somi – nice – kickover but hesitates before the beat jump out of it – switch split leap to tuck 1/1 – balance check – double twist dismount – hop to the left on landing.  9.725

Aja Sims –  solid routine – but has to check the landing forward on her new dismount – double tuck – chest down and forward – beautiful leaps and extension/amplitude. 9.775

Kaitlyn Clark – switch split leap to wolf 3/4 – bhs to loso – a little lean up and to the right to hold the position – front kickover to beat jump – needs a little more amplitude – dismounts with a 1.5 twist – stuck!!!  9.825

Kim Jacob – excellent routine from the senior. 9.925

Exihbition: Amanda Jetter – the straddle full had a balance check – hesitation in her connection of the front tuck to beat jump – bhs to loso – dismounts with a 1.5 – sticks the landing but waves the arms a bit – legs split.


Arkansas on Floor Exercise

Bailee Zumwalde – opens with a whip to bhs to double pike – short on landing – chest down with a step forward – 1.5 to front layout – switch split leap to wolf jump – closes with a front to a Rudi – has to shift to her left to control the landing.  9.625

Sydnie Dillard – double pike to open – a little soft landing at the knees and has to dig a bit to step back – pretty dance and presentation – solid 1.5 to 1/1 – Rudi to close – a little check on the landing.  9.750

Samantha Nelson – double pike to open – checks the landing with two tiny steps forward – nice Sam Adams music – 1.5 twist to split jump out of it – double tuck to close – solid!  9.750

Heather Elswick – super confident double pike to open – 1.5 to front layout – solid, high double tuck to close – good landing.  9.825

Amanda Wellick – double pike to open – a little bouncy step back on one leg but holds it – excellent amplitude – front-front to front 1/1 – controlled step forward into the corner – double tuck to close – chest down with a small check forward on one foot. 9.800

Kat Grable – double front Arabian with a 1/2 twist out – solid landing – front and back tumbling combination – double pike to close – superb!  9.925

Exhibition: Stephani Canizaro – double pike to open – double tuck – 1.5 to front layout – solid routine!  9.750

Alabama – Uneven Bars: 49.300 (98.600) Arkansas – Vault: 49.175 (97.975)

The Crimson Tide can really pick up some steam here if they can hit their routines like they did 2 weeks ago.

Sarah DeMeo – solid routine – small hop back on landing the double layout dismount – nice straddle Jaeger – 9.850

Katie Bailey – excellent routine – nice handstands, straddle Jaeger – toe shoot straddle from low to high bar – stuck the full pirouette to double tuck flyaway.  9.875

Aja Sims – nice effort – weiler kip – a little leg split at the ankles – nice toe shoot straddle from low to high bar – double layout dismount – one step back on landing.  9.825

Kim Jacob – huge Ray release – sticks the double layout after hitting her last handstand –  9.900

Amanda Jetter – great routine until the dismount – chest down, forward, hop as a result – legs split a little as well on landing. 9.850

Kaitlyn Clark – falls on the Church release – great effort – just a little too much stretch – nice recovery – included the toe shoot straddle from low to high bar – small hop on the double layout dismount.  What a great routine this will be once she gets more competition reps – 9.300

Exhibit: Lauren Beers – excellent routine – shaposh from low to high bar back to pak salto on the low bar – double front dismount – one step on landing. 9.775


Arkansas on Vault – 49.175

Heather Elswick – Y 1/1 – hop back on landing – good form in the air but went in a bit flat – 9.725

Bailee Zumwalde – Y 1/1 – chest down on landing, small hop forward as a result – she was still happy with the effort! 9.675

Stephani Canizaro – Y 1/1 – excellent form and amplitude but chest down again on landing – stuck it though! 9.825

Scarlett Williams – Y 1.5 – explosive vault – good distance from table – step forward on landing. 9.800

Amanda Wellick – Y 1/1 – stuck – 9.875

Kat Grable – Omelianchik – legs split on landing but stuck – beautiful control and form in the air – like a butterfly – 9.95

Alabama – Vault: 49.300 Arkansas – Uneven Bars: 48.750

Kaitlyn Clark – Y 1/1 – nice form, amplitude, stretch – legs together on landing – controlled hop back.  9.825

Katie Bailey – Hristakieva (Y Arabian 1/2) – good distance from table – step forward on landing – form looked solid in the air. 9.825

Sarah DeMeo – Y 1/1 – superb vault – stuck like a dart.  9.925!

Dominique Pegg – Y 1/1 – her first vault for the Crimson Tide!  Solid – small hop back on landing – looking for bigger amplitude in the future. 9.800

Lauren Beers – Y 1/1 – solid – one step back on landing. Big in the air.  9.850

Diandra Milliner – Y 1.5 – solid vault – stuck this one chest high – legs apart a bit on landing – 9.875 (knees soft on twisting? we’ll look at the video).

Exhibition: Carley Sims – Y 1/1 – 9.70 – chest and head down on landing – jammed step forward.


Arkansas on Uneven Bars

Cailee Ellsworth  – full turn on high bar to half turn to front giant to 1/2 – bail to handstand – double tuck dismount, small hop on landing – no major release move in this routine. 9.625

Stephanie Canizaro – nice Ray release – misses several handstands – double layout – hop back.  9.775

Amanda Wellick – straddle Jaeger – double front dismount – step back on landing – 9.800

Kat Grable – pike Jaeger – pretty form – bail to handstand from high to low bar – just misses her last handstand before going into the double front with a 1/2 twist dismount – stutter step back on landing. 9.750

Shelby Salmon – pike Jaeger – close to the high bar but she keeps going – double layout dismount – head down – jammed landing a bit. 9.800

Emily Bates – did not compete her routine.

Keys to Victory

There is no doubt that the Alabama Crimson Tide gymnasts will be experiencing a great deal of excitement and emotion tonight as they focus on the annual breast cancer awareness events prior to the competition.  But once they have saluted the brave survivors being escorted tonight in front of the home crowd, the Alabama gymnasts will be called upon to shift their focus immediately to the task at hand.

Bama has been challenged by the coaches tonight to compete with renewed focus, intensity and determination against a very capable and talented foe – the Arkansas Razorbacks.

First off, the Tide will be looking to match or surpass their vault performance of a week ago at the Ozone Invitational, where they tallied an impressive 49.425 team total that secured a 2nd Place finish against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Bama will need to make sure they get strong blocks off the vault table, keep those legs tight, toes pointed and gain the necessary amplitude to garner the highest scores possible with a stuck landing to boot.

On the uneven bars, Bama will be potentially showcasing more difficulty tonight by sophomore Carley Sims (tuck full in dismount) and junior Kaitlyn Clark (Church release, toe shoot straddle from low to high bar).  But the Tide must maintain consistent handstands and toe point throughout their routines and stick the dismounts to keep the scores high.  Bama looks like they are up to the task here at home.

Turning next to the balance beam, it is time for Alabama to deliver on historically one of their best events.  The last two weeks have seen them throw impressive difficulty but small balance checks and soft knees on tumbling skills have resulted in lower scores from the judges that will not get it done next week in Baton Rouge or in two weeks against the Georgia Bulldogs.  So the Tide must be aggressive, not tentative and get back in the “Bama Bubble” that usually results in the high scores on beam that we’ve come to expect from a champion squad.

Finishing on floor, Alabama hopes to debut more E tumbling passes, starting with junior Lora Leigh Frost (opening double layout) and possibly sophomore Lauren Beers (double layout as well).  But the Tide coaches want consistency first in standing up the passes and staying in bounds, where last week the Bama gymnasts encountered some problems.  This is where the junior and senior leadership is needed most to bring home a victory for the partisan crowd, which is expected to be a sell-out.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great competition tonight as we salute our breast cancer survivors and those who continue to donate funds to the DCH for affordable detection and treatment. Roll Tide! Let’s go Bama!

Welcome to Pink Meet Night at Coleman Coliseum!

Tonight the Alabama Crimson Tide Gymnastics Team will compete against the Arkansas Razorbacks in the annual Pink Meet that brings awareness and support for women’s breast cancer.

Alabama and Arkansas have completed their 15 minute extended warm-ups and are retiring to their respective locker rooms to prepare for the meet.

The line-ups are expected to remain essentially the same tonight but we may see some new faces in exhibition roles.  More about this as the meet commences.

One highlight we are looking forward to is the appearance of freshman Dominique Pegg’s mother – Cathi Parker – who is a breast cancer survivor who was featured in the Tuscaloosa News this week.  This will no doubt be an emotional moment for Dom and her teammates as she escorts her mother out for a good old-fashioned Sweet Home Alabama welcome.