2014 Missouri Play-by-Play

Final Score: Bama – 197.150 Missouri – 193.425

We will see you next week on January 18th (Saturday) from Knoxville, Tennessee for a road meet against Kentucky and Nebraska. The Tide will compete on podium – looking forward to it Bama Nation! ROLL TIDE ROLL – from Coleman Coliseum in Tuscaloosa.

Individual Event Winners

Vault: Diandra Milliner

Uneven Bars: Amanda Jetter and Kim Jacob

Balance Beam: Kim Jacob

Floor Exercise: Diandra Milliner

All Around: Kim Jacob (1st – 39.500), Katie Bailey (2nd – 39.325), Sarah DeMeo (3rd – 39.100)

Alabama – Floor Exercise: 49.300 (197.150) Missouri – Beam: 47.850 (193.425)

Sarah DeMeo – opens with a double pike – a little scoot of her right foot on landing – big smile as she dances and goes strong on the second pass – 1 1/2 to a front layout – steps out on her final pass – 2 1/2 twist – so that will be automatic 1/10th deduction – 9.675

Lauren Beers – super double tuck to open – front-front to 1/1 – very confident landing – breathes to prepare for her final pass – huge double pike! Crowd roars with approval! 9.825

Carley Sims – great opening tuck through to round off to double tuck – lands low on her front tuck out of the 1 1/2  but nails the final pass of the double pike to the delight of the crowd – 9.750.

Katie Bailey – excellent debut for the freshman on the floor – opening double front Arabian – one step check back to control the landing – super dance and expression – front bounder to 1/1 and she closes this first time with a Rudi – well done!  9.850

Kim Jacob – superb 2014 debut from the steady senior – 9.925! Crowd loves the music and her tumbling.

Diandra Milliner – double front Arabian to open – one check step back on landing – saucy new music and dance – great double pike to close – and final dance sequence – awesome says Bryan Raschilla! 10 from one judge and a 9.90 from the second – crowd thrilled – 9.95 final score.  That check on the opening pass must have gotten by the judge to Diandra’s left on the opening pass (grin).

Exhibit: Amanda Jetter – another great debut from a Bama freshman – opens with a confident, high double tuck – 1 1/2 through to a 1/1 and closes with a solid 1 1/2 to a front layout – 9.85 – great expression – she really sold the routine – super elite confidence (one judge scored it 9.90).

 Missouri on Beam

Alyson Heimsath – a lot of work on the beam (low) before she begins tumbling – switch split leap to gainer back loso – bhs to loso – bends at the waist and just stays on – full turn – more low beam work – bhs to bhs to 1 1/2 twist dismount. Lots of difficulty but a lot of time to set up skills. 9.525

Laura Kappler – 9.500

Sasha Sander – beat jump to straddle jump to straddle 3/4 – bhs to loso – side aerial with a balance check on landing. 1 1/2 twist dismount – step forward. 9.600

Mackenzie McGill – 9.550

Briana Conkle – 9.550

Rachel Updike – very nice form and extension throughout her routine – working up on her toes – just a little tentative on a difficult split jump to straddle 3/4 (had to bend forward at waist to control) – gainer full twist dismount. 9.625

Alabama – Balance Beam: 49.075 (147.850) Missouri – Floor: 48.150 (145.575)

Diandra Milliner – likely deduction on the front aerial – has to balance her landing without the beat jump combined for full credit – rest of routine is solid, deliberate – sticks the double twist dismount – crowd roars! 9.775

Sarah DeMeo – front handspring onto the beam – double stag leap – front aerial – beat jump – bhs to back pike – shoulder drops slightly to balance her landing but she pulls it up quickly – switch split leap to split jump – nicely done – double pike dismount – lunges forward on her left leg to control the landing – 9.700

Aja Sims – freshman #1 – front aerial – small leg lift – bhs to loso – nice form and extension – switch split leap to side straddle jump – running switch split side straddle leap – full turn – gainer back pike – sticks the landing.  A little nervous up there but overall great job for her first routine on this difficult event. She will add a double tuck dismount soon.  9.825

Katie Bailey – freshman #2 into the fire – beautiful form and extension on the bhs to loso – hitch kick to side somi – very nice form as well – kickover to beat jump – slight balance check and may have hesitated as well – switch split leap to split jump – needs more split and amplitude – nice double twist dismount – tiny hop back on the landing! 9.775 (missed the perfect connection on kick-over to beat jump as well).

Kaitlyn Clark – switch split leap to split leap – excellent amplitude – shoulder shift on the bhs to loso – nice kick-over to beat jump but needs more amplitude to garner full credit next time – wolf 3/4 leap – solid – dismounts with a 1 1/2 – almost sticks the landing – shift of her right foot back to hold it. 9.825

Kim Jacob – press handstand to straddle and drops to support self on shoulders – switch split leap to 3/4 straddle jump – bhs to lo to lo – awesome, big smile – full turn has a slight shoulder tick – barani – 1 1/2 twist dismount, small hop in place.  Whoosh! 9.875

Exhibit: Amanda Jetter – beat jump to straddle 1/1 – bhs to loso – solid – punch front to beat jump – a little low – needs more amplitude for maximum scoring – full turn – switch split leap to straddle jump – dismounts with a 1 1/2 twist – sticks the landing – a little split in her legs. 9.750


Missouri on Floor Exercise

Alyson Heimsath – double pike to open – stumbles back but stays up – music has a good throbbing beat – 1 1/2 to front layout – a little slide but she stays well within the boundary – double tuck to close – small jam step back.  Good start for the Tigers!  9.625

Laura Kappler – solid tumbling with a few checks here and there – 9.650

Briana Conkle – 1 1/2 to front layout – 2 1/2 twist – step to the right to control the landing – Rudi – short on her landing. 9.625

Blair Elmore – 2 1/2 to open – little trouble controlling the landing – enthusiastic dance and presentation – front to a Rudi for her final pass. 9.650

Angie Kern – double pike to open – solid! Front full to front layout – a few form and execution problems – Rudi to close out – 9.500

Katelyn Trevino – completes her routine without major problems. 9.600

Alabama – Uneven Bars: 49.475 (98.775) Missouri – Vault: 48.575 (97.425)

Sarah DeMeo – straddle Jaeger – a little close to the bar on re-grasp – double layout dismount – small hop in place.  9.850

Katie Bailey – great debut by the freshman on this event – straddle Jaeger – full twist to stuck double tuck dismount.  She will throw a tuck full in soon to dismount with more difficulty. 9.875

Carley Sims – full turn to Tkatchev – full turn to double tuck dismount – small step on landing.  Great lines and solid handstands. 9.825

Kim Jacob – super routine – Ray release – stuck double layout – amazing distance from the high bar. 9.925

Amanda Jetter – super routine from the freshman as well – Ray release – toe shoot straddle from low to high bar – stuck the double front dismount cold – happy girl!! 9.925

Kaitlyn Clark – super routine from the junior – shaposhnikova to immediate handstand on the low bar – stuck the double layout with a huge smile for the crowd and judges as she salutes. 9.900!

Exhibit: Aja Monet Sims – weiler kip – toe shoot straddle from low to high bar – double layout – step back on landing.  Some leg separation during flight elements – 9.825.


Missouri on Vault

Katelyn Trevino – Y layout – small hop back on landing. 9.600

Alyson Heimsath – Y 1/1 – super distance – lunge step back to control landing with a second hop as the mat moves a bit.  9.675

Laura Kappler – nice Y 1/1 – head down a bit with step on landing – 9.725

Angie Kern – Arabian 1/2 – solid vault – step on landing. 9.725

Rachel Updike – beautiful Y 1/1 in the air – great form, distance – but just lands it head and chest down, tiny check hop forward as a result. 9.850

Blair Elmore – Y layout – one step back on landing – 9.500

Alabama – Vault: 49.300 Missouri – Bars: 48.850

Kim Jacob – Y 1/1 – legs split in mid-air, pretty good landing – one foot in front of other. 9.800

Sarah DeMeo – Y 1/1 – beautiful vault – great form and amplitude in the air – one foot back on the landing. 9.875

Katie Bailey – Y Arabian 1/2 (Hristakieva) – beautiful form in the air, toes pointed, great amplitude, one left foot forward on landing. 9.825

Kaitlyn Clark – Y 1/1 – excellent vault – small step back – good distance from table as well. 9.850

Lauren Beers – Y 1/1 – works for the stick – small step and has to shift arm to hold her position – very nice in the air. 9.825

Diandra Milliner – Y 1.5 – stuck! Has to wave arms a bit to maintain it! 9.925

Exhibit: Carley Sims – Y 1/1 – small step on landing – big in the air – Bama needs this vault so look for her to move into the line-up soon. 9.850


Missouri – Bars 48.850

Blair Elmore – nice form – Tkatchev – stumble forward on the double tuck dismount. 9.625

Briana Conkle – fall on Gienger release – double layout dismount – hop forward – 8.950

Katelyn Trevino – Gienger release – tight form – good handstands – double layout – one step back – great recovery! 9.775

Miranda Eubank – pike Jaeger – super stick of the double front dismount! 9.850

Rachel Updike – nice form throughout – double layout dismount – 9.850

Rebecca Johnson – nice anchor routine – Gienger release and a full turn to double tuck – small step back.  9.750

Vault – 3:30 touch warm-up

Alabama is warming up on the vault, the Missouri Tigers on the uneven bars.

Bama’s in the House! The crowd has arrived!


Keys to Victory

Hello again to the Bama Nation – we’re looking forward to another exciting year of NCAA gymnastics and what better way to kick it off than against the Missouri Tigers!

The Alabama Crimson Tide has a number of new faces in the line-up and it’s not just the freshmen who will be debuting routines here tonight.  But for Alabama to win this meet they will need to overcome an unexpected set-back right out of the chute – the loss at least now of junior Kayla Williams, who was injured on a floor exercise tumbling run a few minutes ago and was taken out of the arena for the training and medical staff to evaluate the extent of her injury. So this puts immediate pressure on Alabama’s depth on three events – vault, balance beam and floor exercise, as Kayla Williams was in the competition rotation for each of these events and expected to post big scores on all three.

How the Tide’s junior and senior leaders respond to this adversity will certainly help determine how the freshmen handle their first meet.  Bama’s upper class leaders must settle their younger teammates down and focus on executing their routines to the best of their ability.  This starts with the vault – look for veterans Kim Jacob, Sarah DeMeo, Kaitlyn Clark, Lauren Beers and Diandra Milliner to bumper freshman Katie Bailey, who will debut with an Arabian 1/2 vault in the third position tonight.

On the uneven bars, Alabama must be super focused on hitting their handstands and the big releases, starting with All American senior Sarah DeMeo.  Two freshmen will need to be ready to bank big scores – Katie Bailey in the second position and Amanda Jetter in the all important fifth spot that sets up junior Kaitlyn Clark for hopefully a huge score in the anchor position.

Moving on to the balance beam, Alabama will again debut two freshmen among four super confident veterans who have helped lead the Tide to NCAA glory on this event in 2011 and 2012.  Senior Diandra Milliner will lead off in Kayla Williams’s place, followed by senior Sarah DeMeo,  with freshmen Aja Sims and Katie Bailey in the 3rd and 4th spots.  Bama’s anchors on beam will be Kaitlyn Clark and Kim Jacob.  Balance beam will be a high scoring event for the Tide in 2014 with lots of quality depth to lend support when needed.

Finishing on the floor exercise, Alabama wants to be strategic yet smart – they have the difficult skills ready to go but will likely start off with a combination of D and E tumbling passes to get the newer gymnasts settled.  Sarah DeMeo will open, Lauren Beers will follow and we will finally see Carley Sims return to this event with much stronger tumbling passes and confident dance. Freshman Katie Bailey will compete in the fifth spot and anchors Kim Jacob and Diandra Milliner will try to seal the deal for another Tide victory.

Here’s wishing the best to all gymnasts competing here tonight for both Alabama and Missouri. Roll Tide!


Extended warm-ups are now done – get ready for some great gymnastics Bama fans!