2011 Regional Play-by-play

Teams Advancing to NCAAs

UCLA 197.425

Oklahoma 197.350

Alabama 197.275

Michigan 197.075

Oregon State 197.025

Georgia 196.750

Nebraska 196.550

Arkansas 196.550

Utah 196.475

Florida 196.425

Illinois 195.925

Kent State 195.450


Final Standings and Scores

1. Alabama (197.275) advances to Cleveland

2. Illinois (195.925) advances to Cleveland

3. Penn State (195.850)

4. Auburn (195.600)

5. Kentucky (195.175)

6. Central Michigan (195.075)

All Around Winners

1st Kayla Hoffman (Alabama) 39.650

2nd Geralen Stack-Eaton (Alabama) 39.450

3rd Sharaya Musser (PSU)

4th Alison Buckley (Illinois)

5th Kylie Shields (Auburn)

6th Phylicia Reshard (Kentucky)

Event Winners – It’s A Crimson Tide Sweep!

Vault – Kayla Hoffman wins it with a 9.925

Uneven Bars – Kayla Hoffman with a 9.900

Balance Beam – Geralen Stack-Eaton wins with a 9.950 (Hoffman, Jacob and DeMeo tie for 2nd at 9.9)

Floor – Kayla Hoffman wins it with a 9.925

Alabama and Illinois Advance

We are finishing up the final rotation and Illinois just edges Penn State for the second spot behind the Crimson Tide, with a 195.925 over the Lions’ 195.825.

Alabama finishes with a 197.275

Final Rotation 6 – Bama is in – waiting on 2nd team

Kentucky is on floor in this final rotation – still competing their hearts out. Nice finish from senior Andrea Mitchell – 9.875. 

Penn State has completed their bars rotation – Musser a 9.85 and Ettl takes a lunging step forward on her double layout dismount but had a nice Hindorff release earlier – 9.775.  49.100 as a team on this event. 195.850

Illinois has one fall on beam with other scores of 9.80, 9.725 and 9.850.  They have 2 more gymnasts up, their best – Buckley and Fernandez.  Buckley just hit her routine (attacked that beam really well) for a 9.85 and Fernandez finishes with aplomb – for a 9.850 – and they just slip in with a 49.075, team score of 195.925 – just .075 over the Nittany Lions.

Central Michigan has finished the vault with a team final score of 48.900 and 195.075 overall.

Alabama Sits Out in Rotation 6

The Tide has punched their ticket to the NCAA Championships in Cleveland in two weeks and we are in the final rotation to decide on who will be joining them. 

Right now, Auburn has concluded their competition as well with a team score of 195.600 and Penn State will just have to score a 48.900 on the bars to beat them and Illinois will need a 48.775 on beam to beat Auburn.  But most likely, the Lions and the Fightin’ Illini will be trying to best each other – if the Illini stay on beam without significant breaks they should pull it out, leading the Lions already by .125

Alabama Wins! 197.275

One more rotation to go – to see who will finish in 2nd!

We know that UCLA and Georgia have advanced and in the Ann Arbor regional a shocker! Kent State has advanced with a 195.45 over Stanford and Minnesota.  Michigan won that regional with a 197.075.  Oklahoma advanced (197.350) along with Utah (196.475).

Alabama on Balance Beam – Rotation 5 – 49.500

1. Marissa Gutierrez – 9.750 – hits her routine but some balance checks here and there will cost the sophomore – front aerial required a check step forward (no beat jump out of it) – hit the flight series and required leap series (switch split leap to straddle with 1/4 turn mid-air). Sticks the dismount of a gainer full twist.

2. Diandra Milliner – 9.850 – front aerial to beat jump – bhs to layout stepout- nice – aerial front kickover to beat jump – very nice – switch split leap to straddle jump – looking good so far – double twist dismount – nails the landing!

3. Kim Jacob – 9.900- switch split 1/2 – bhs to loso – beat jump to straddle 1/1 – full turn – barani – tiny check before she comes to full standing – nails the double twist dismount to the delight of the partisan crowd!

4. Kayla Hoffman – 9.900 – full turn with leg horizontal – switch split leap to straddle 1/4 leap – front aerial to bhs – beat jump to gainer back loso – hitch kick to gainer full twist – stuck!

5. Sarah DeMeo – 9.900 – great routine – front handspring mount onto the beam to a double stag leap – front aerial – bhs to loso – shoulder stand down low on the beam to pose – switch split leap to split jump combo – small hop back on the double pike dismount.

6. Geralen Stack-Eaton – 9.950 – perfect routine – from start to finish – stuck the Yuchenko 1.5 dismount – crowd is on their feet with a standing ovation – cheering the Tide on to Cleveland – they know they’ve won it going away!

Alabama on Uneven Bars – Rotation 4 – 49.250

1. Ashley Sledge – 9.850 – hit routine – great amplitude and distance on the stuck double layout dismount.  Just missed perfect vertical on that final handstand.

2. Becca Alexin – 9.875 – hit routine – shaposh to pak salto – still some leg split on the first element – beautiful extension with the final giant 1/1 right on top of the bar to a stuck double tuck.

3. Kim Jacob – 9.800 – great routine!  Big hug from Sarah and Bryan as she comes off – stalder giant – toe on toe off to a Tkatchev – another toe on toe off – bail to handstand – great handstand position on that low bar – just misses vertical on the final handstand – double layout – small check forward on one foot – what improvement!

4. Sarah DeMeo – 9.800 – solid routine – giant 1/2 to front giant to pike Jaeger – bail to handstand – double layout – small hop on landing. Missed vertical on that final handstand.  Great extension and toe point throughout.

5. Geralen Stack-Eaton – 9.825 – solid routine – toe on Tkatchev – pak salto – Arabian double front dismount with one step forward on landing – head down a bit as well – score seems a little low for all that difficulty.

6. Kayla Hoffman – 9.900 -great routine – Tkatchev was huge – bail to handstand on low bar was right on top – stuck double layout dismount with a huge grin.

Auburn is selling their floor routines right in front of their crowd – Inniss gets a 9.90 for her Heisman pose (crowd boos heartily right on cue) – Shields gets a 9.85, Garcia a 9.800. 49.150 is their team score.

Kentucky comes through on beam with only one break – they are really competing well here tonight. 48.900 is their team score.

Penn State hit a 49.00 on the vault.